Outsourcing is recognized in many industries as the best way to reduce (or maintain) expense levels and gain technological advances without the costs usually associated with them. Outsourcing also provides the only viable approach to retain the services and advice of a team of healthcare professionals experienced in all aspects relative to the administration of a medical practice.


Healthcare Transitions Management’s full billing and accounts receivable management service can provide your practice with the advantages and benefits that you desire today and will require in the future. Our broad spectrum of services will help your practice grow and thrive.

Our Billing, Accounts Receivable & Practice Management Services Include:

- Assigned Account Executive
- Claim Entry (if required): Charges & Demographics
- Electronic Interface (optional)
- Electronic Claims (Primary & Secondary)
- Hard Copy Claims (Primary & Secondary)
- Roster / Institutional Billing
- Patient Co-Insurance & Deductible Billing
- Customized Patient Cycles
- Customized Billing Messages
- Handling all written & telephone inquiries
- Payment Posting & Deposits
- Accounts Receivable Management
- Line Item A/R System
- Insurance & Patient Follow Up
- Practice Reporting
- Coding (optional)
- Obtaining MUTS (optional)
- Maintaining Historical Data
- Annual Fee Schedule Review
- Quality Audits
- Strategic Planning

:: For a no obligation quote of what our billing service may cost your practice, please provide the information     requested on our Billing Cost Analysis page


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